group of people Does your company provide catering, party planning, or event coordination services? Are you a restaurant or hotel owner? Or are you about to throw a big, lavish party? If you qualify for any of these three and if you are looking for reliable staff that can help you, Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc. is here for you!

Being in the hospitality services, customer satisfaction is of course, one of your top priorities. At Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc., our top priority is to help you identify and employ the best people to fulfill your staffing needs!

Whether you are running a casino, a hotel, a restaurant, a resort, a spa, a private club, or some other company – Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc. is here to help. We can help you look for wait staffs, clean-up crews, cooks, bartenders, front end servers, and many more! When you partner with us, you can be guaranteed that the people we find for you are hardworking and can definitely complete the task assigned to them professionals.

Don’t think twice about calling us! Simply dial 780-233-3901 for more information today.

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