Home Care

caregiver and patient looking at each other At Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc., we are here to assist home care providers in finding caregivers that can carry out the job assigned to them. We understand how important this job is and how much of a responsibility it can be. This is why we make sure that the candidates we find are diligent, knowledgeable about the job, reliable, and properly trained in providing home care.

Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc. guarantees that the professionals we find can work with different people, with different circumstances. We make sure that they can work with aging seniors and even people with disabilities. As an addition, we also look for professionals who can carry out non-medical services, including pet care and pet management.

So, whether you are an employer looking for the right caregivers; or if you are a job seeker looking to start your career in home care, give us a call today at 780-233-3901 for more information!

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