Welcome to Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc.

We are a full-service, talent development, home health, and human resources firm offering integrated services for clients that include seniors, retired and active duty Veterans, young talent, and skilled and unskilled laborers.

Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc. took our years of experience in Canada from our sister company (Wegner Consulting Group ltd) which worked in the most disadvantaged communities of low unemployment and skilled workers, and placed them in well regarded training programs and post secondary institutions and had them work ready for an emerging workforce. This workforce included but was not limited to home health care, service industry, construction, road service, childcare, and other growing industry demands.

Our expertise and years of experience gives our clients an immediate competitive advantage with effective, integrated strategy, and communications solutions that are flexible, scalable, and well managed.


As a full-service company focusing on promoting service quality in the health care industry, we provide the following services:
Home Health Care. We shall capitalize on the skilled individuals that we have trained and developed to provide for the staffing needs of partner individuals and corporate clients.

Talent Development. We have the people and facility to develop average individuals into becoming skilled workers and talented artists who can be highly competitive in their chosen industry.

Human Resource Management. We help companies manage their human resources better in terms of recruitment, staffing, and training, so they can better prioritize on their main operation.
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Personal Care, Companionship, Homemaking Assistance…
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Talent development and management…
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A social program for seniors and vets…
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Hotels, Resorts, Spa, Country Clubs…
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We cater to various client needs, depending on their industry and specific requirements. If you are interested in getting our services, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us so we can discuss in detail the many ways that we can serve you.
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meet our TEAM

We have formed a great team of professionals and staff who work together to carry out our mission of training individuals and helping employers meet their manpower needs.
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send your REFERRALS

Whether it is for talent development or recruitment solutions, you know that we are the name to trust. If you were highly satisfied by our training programs or services, tell others about us or allow us to contact them through our referral program.


Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc. facilities various events so employer-clients and job seekers can meet each other. We create opportunities for partnerships to be built. Here are some of the events you can look forward to.
  • Stay up to date with upcoming events soon. Keep visiting our website for announcements.
  • Do you want to register for an event? Call 780-233-3901 today or send a message online.
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Let’s Work Together! MISSION STATEMENT

Wegner 360 Enterprises, Inc. shall advance the service standard of the health care and other various industries by partnering with individual and corporate clients through providing skilled and dependable workforce. Moreover, we shall provide talented individuals the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents, and fashion themselves for success through our talent development programs.
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